Friday, August 31, 2007

A colored pencil drawing. I'm playing with scanning my work in Photoshop and adding on a matt.

There's something about flowers I just really love!


neroli said...

I love flowers too---especially lilies and roses!
And orchids.
And violets and Queen Anne's Lace!
And dandelions.
Color is one of your great strengths, isn't it?

Diane O'Connor said...

And LILACS!... oh my God... don't get me started!!
ha ha...
Thanks for your sweet words!

musemother said...

your lovely drawings are full of feeling, as well as colour. Do you know bout colour therapy?
The drawings of the spirit realm or inspired by the course you took, are very evocative, other worldly but homey.
Good on ya for putting them on the web :)

Ms. A said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed your blog, both of them actually. Your drawings are absolutely wonderful.

Diane O'Connor said...

Jenn, I took a color therapy class in college. Thanks for your kind words! That means alot to me.

Ms A, thank you, as well!

neroli said...

LILACS!! Oh my goodness.
Don't get me started!
Everywhere we've lived, my husband has had to plant me lilacs!